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Karmic Coaching (English)

Why does this keep happening to me?“

Whatever „this“ is, the answer lies in what we put out into our resonance field and also the seeds that we sow through our actions, our words or even our thoughts.

Everything that we do, or happens to us is the result (or effect) of another action (or cause).  So where talking about „cause“ and effect“. Every cause must have an effect and conversely effect effect must have had a cause.

Let’s be clear about this.  Karma is a very complex subject.   We could philosophise for days and probably weeks about the origins and development of karmic theory.  Here, I’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible.

Your inner-energy, the power of your thoughts and your outward behavior is your Karma. What you give out is what you get back.

Positive thoughts and constructive actions present themselves in positive behavior.  The opposite is also the case. Regular negative energy and actions develop into negative behaviour.

The Karmic principles go a little bit further and tells us that what we give out comes back to us in a bigger and stronger form.  This idea is a really valuable lesson and mechanism for a more balanced and mindful life.  Once you’ve discovered this for yourself many things in your life will become much easier and clearer.

Aspects of our Karmic Coaching also form an integral part of our partner coaching program (the text is all in German though) and accompanies you on this path of self-discovery, reflection and development.  We observe and reflect together to find the seeds you have sown that have somehow grown into something that is now blocking your way and preventing your from reaching your goals.

Example 1

Let’s take a very common problem as an example.

How often do we find ourselves in the situation where we don’t have time for something?  It’s probably a regular or even nails occurrence.

What causes this and what is the Karmic principle behind it?

Let’s go back a couple of thousand years or so.  Hindu and, in particular, Bhuddist philosophy developed the idea of cause and effect.  For everything that happens, there necessarily needs to be something that made that thing happen.  Don’t forget, the effect is much bigger than the cause!

To go back to our little problem and remember that we get back what we give, if I don’t have time, it’s because I haven’t given time.

Still with me?

Let’s imagine that small child asks you to help with picture that it wants to paint.  You say „I can’t just now, I’m too busy“.  There you have it.  You’ve just sown a negative karmic seed.  What goes around comes around.  You don’t have time for the Child.  Multiply that by let’s say by 10 and at some point you find yourself rushing about at the last minute, trying to get some task done, at home or at work or maybe you can’t meet up with your friends.  The things that make you happy and give you a stress free life.

Example 2

Keep going with the karmic principles. This time, a positive example.  You’re happy about helping your elderly neighbour clean up their garden and you radiate positive energy. Your joy is the seed.  You pass on your joyous energy and in time, this comes back to you in abundance.  This can be with small things like a surprise visits from receiving an invitation to go see your favorite entertainer.

Whether it’s in business or in your private life, this principle can lead to success if you apply it with good intention and you have the inner will to become a more aware, compassionate and understanding individual.

This is what the core of our work in Karmic Coaching is all about. To look for and find the seeds that you have planted.  We work with the negative seeds and replace them with positive ones.

You control your own karma!

Got it?

So, Karmic Coaching is all about understanding the cause and effect of the things happening in your life, and providing you with a basis to help you improve your own life and the lives of those around you.

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